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Abele Group



2018 - Now


The brief

Abele is a new age bank with offices in NYC and SG. As a finance and technology company, they seek to remove inefficiency and disrupt the finance market with their suite of digital assets. Grounded was appointed a strategic partner and their go-to for fundraising campaigns and business growth initiatives.


The execution

The ideal state for Abele is to remove the need for banks. This grand goal is exciting but difficult to convince investors and stakeholders to take this leap of faith and go against some of the world’s largest institutions in principle. Grounded comes in as a strategic partner and their go-to for fundraising campaigns and business growth initiatives.With a focus on improving security, efficiency, transparency and adoption of digital assets, we provided advisory services in project conceptualisation. This allowed Abele Group to effectively tie together and articulate their brand and business strategy. We also managed investor relations, enabling them with resources to kickstart their projects. 

Event conceptualisation and management services further drove the necessary connections with end-users. Through a Fintech social series, a Whisky Soiree and China Blockchain Industry explorations, we created an on-ground approach to gather crucial market data that will ensure their project will be build for success.


The results

Satisfied with the results they were seeing, we are continuing our efforts on investor relations on a retainer basis with The Abele Group.


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