Get funding to build your startup. Tap on our network and expertise.
Take your business to another level.


Grounded will be investing in one start up a month for the next 12 months- July 2019 through to July 2020.


$10,000 SGD


$50,000 SGD

Startups at any stage


We are more interested in these industries, although we are still open to all consumer-facing industries:



Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning

Experiential Retail



What do startups (YOU) get out of the program?



It’s not an option to be #foreveralone in the startup world. With 7 years in the retail business and 3 years in blockchain, we’ve built a strong community. You’ll be plugged right into our network to meet entrepreneurs like yourself. You are also welcomed to work side-by-side (literally) with us.



Think of our team as an extension of yours. We are your CEO, COO and CSO in one. Our 2 founders have collectively advised over 50 businesses, built and exited many startups of their own, and raised over $200M. Use this opportunity to pick their minds and gain valuable advice for your business.



Right from the get-go, you’ll be meeting potential investors, customers and talents that will help propel your business further. We have a wide network of over 50 partners and funds in Singapore, China, Korea, Hong Kong; we can bring you to the right place at the right time. Get ready to talk and pitch more than you have ever done.



We kickstart your work by being investors first. No bull****. Because we believe in putting money where our mouth is. This programme can earn you your very first cheque for your company. Trust us when we say that’s a very powerful feeling.


Time to accelerate your growth. Interested?