We're bad news for the ones who are stuck in the wheel.

Grounded is paving new paths for the old business of management consulting. (Yes, we said it.) We're talking about matching innovative technology with proven strategies to get a winning mix for excellence. With an edge in new technologies such as blockchain, we know the new rules of businesses.

And we have results to prove it.


Since 2017, we have grown to encompass several business units, across a diverse range of expertise. We provide strategic guidance in business development, go-to-market strategies, investor relations, fund raising, brand positioning and revenue models, helping firms find their funds and footing across various geographies and industries. Singapore-born, globally-bred, we have offices in New York, Geneva, Shanghai, South Korea, and the Philippines. When you work with us, you will also be plugged into our network of funds, investors, family offices and strategic partners.

We are laser-focused in working with doers and the shakers, be it the diamonds in the rough, the innovative start-ups and the ones with the big guns. We want to create an ecosystem for new winners to thrive. It's time to seek to make change and make good from ground up.

And it's us who will get you there.

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What we believe in

Grounded seeks to build wins out of winners. We know a winner when we see one, and we bring out the best in them then put together building blocks that lay the path to bring them to the next level. Forget the reports and boardroom meetings. We are committed to talking the talk and also walking the talk. How we do it?



We place fundamentals first

You can expect your team to drill you in their expertise in areas of management and strategy


We foster actionable growth

We are looking to scale, pivot and drive investments to your company.


Future-proof the businesses

Winners create legends and we want to do work that is legendary.


The <3 of the business

The work we do is strengthened by a culture and mindset:



Geared towards building an ecosystem for the greater good of the society


Focused on an underdog mentality even in successes


Dedicated to inside-out reinvention and change


The Team


Jeremy Khoo


Successfully exited 3 venture-funded companies. Involved in ICOs and fundraising that sold over $100M. Spends his time advising, building and investing in more than 40 exciting blockchain projects

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Ngeow Jiawen


Entrepreneur for 10 years and exited 2 venture-funded companies for over $25M combined. Currently serves as COO for Consentium, a blockchain-based chat app that raised USD42 million.

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Joey Lim

Creative Director

The lead in translating the our work into effective visual strategies. Headed major early-stage projects like MegaX, VodiX, Block Live Asia and more. Her projects have raised over $80M collectively.

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Anna Santiago

Head of Business Development

Advises blockchain projects on branding, positioning, go-to-market strategies, and community growth strategies. Her projects in various industries have raised over $50M collectively.

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Leon Lee

business analyst



Camy Tan

COntent Strategist



Pamela Phua

Project Manager



Georgie Fong

Bd executive



Sisca Kurniasari